I like shopping, travelling and managing my money well.

What it does

Uses OCR to exchage the price of the object you are buying abroad into your local currency so that you can eitehr see if it's worth it, or just keep tabs on what you're buying.

How I built it

Android app using tesseract ocr to get the numbers from the price tag, and exchange rates api to exchange the price.

Challenges I ran into

On Sunday morning the whole thing just gave up on me and decided not to work, but I have tried my best.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have never done mobile app development before, so I am proud of what I have accomplished with no prior knowledge, all by myself.

What I learned

It's good to try new things, but it's also good to have team members supporting you.

What's next for SnapConvert

If people like the idea, I am prepared to carry it out for real (with some help of course).

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