Our initial motivation for this project was from Eric Hans persistence on making a budgeting app. As someone who really likes the idea of budgeting, he wanted to allow people easier access to budgeting software. So what is one of the best records of your purchases that you never use. Receipts!! We thought that if we could take a picture of a receipt for storage and scrapped the data off of it, we could make a budgeting app that has not been seen before. We quickly learned that there are a lot of other similar app for this idea, but we found that a lot of them don't exactly budget, but usually do accounting. They tend to only create reports that you can send around at the end of a month. We realized that this is not budgeting as it would not force you to actively spend below a certain amount. So we tried to pursue this corner of the market. Over the project, the creation of tools, like a database or the OCR API, was relatively easy. But we encountered most of our resistance in trying to get all of these tools to talk to each other. We had to work our jpegs into base 64 bit strings in order to store it in our database, then have that information be queried and displayed onto the screen when called. However, using swift as a native language, we got the OCR to display and put information on an IOS app.

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