Modified Camera for Visual Thinking & Creative Organization.

Visual Thinking

This design is unique in that it doesn’t require any words to make new categories. Connections are made purely visually, relying exclusively on visual thinking in a new way. It allows making full thoughts without words as intermediaries; it's for all of the creative community and facilitates all creative uses of photography.

Creative Organization for Creators

Useful cloud storage? Yes, Please! Upon toggling the OneDrive integration and logging in, new photos and folders (titled "Snap Spin Tap #") are created in the cloud. The result is organization without feeling any work at all. The design of the app relies on several aspects of human nature to enable visual thinking in a way that has never been done before.

In particular, this enhances all uses of photography in creative software, including all Microsoft Office products, by completely eliminating the otherwise necessary time consuming step of manually sorting photos. This creative organization is impossible to achieve via automated organizational methods. The usefulness of the design scales with the amount of photos taken, which corresponds to cloud usage--as such the more people use the cloud, the more value this design has to them.

Something Fundamental, Something New

Visual thinking has been a trend in many arts and the sciences as well, where it is simply an acknowledgment of reality: that’s the way people think most naturally. However, because of the difficulty of expressing these thoughts it’s remained a background movement. For those people, this little app is something special, remarkable, unexpected and new.

New Frontiers for Photography

Photography is already about more than just "moments" for people, this just facilitates what people already do with great difficulty. This technological design for expressing hidden visual thoughts is in some ways like the printing press or the word processor for words, bringing a new mode of expression to the creative masses and bringing new ideas and new light with it.

New Frontiers for Psychology: The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis

In psychology visual thinking has been somewhat of a mystery without simple tools for directly detecting or measuring it. The strong form of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis held that it is impossible to express any idea without words. Although the strong form has been disproven, absent any way of expressing visual thoughts, the idea has persisted that at some level thoughts require language. This design uses the advances in technology to build upon decades of work exploring the nature of thought itself, by letting the creative and visual within out into the light.

United States Patents Pending.

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