The Problem we aim to help with is:

Dropping footfall for retailers

Our Solution to this is to:

Drive footfall with in store promotions on specific items


Retailers want more Customers in store here at Westfield


We have created a mobile app which delivers an in store experience for shoppers here at Westfield.

Tinder for in store flash promotions

Conversion rates are higher in Malls/Shopping Centres than on the High Street (All Saints conversion rate at Westfield is 15% compared with 9% their Jacks Place store in Spittalfields). So we have created a business smart way to do sales and attract customers to Westfield (by marking down one/few specific in store items in order to allow retailers to up sell the whole store).

We are giving people an extra reason to come here when perhaps they would not.

This is also congruent with our in centre experience this weekend following our customer research which found most respondents we 'just browsing' and saw Westfield as a destination experience. Snap Sale will help drive them into your store.

Customer acquisition:

Targeted at tech savvy shoppers and also retailers.

This would be advertised to shoppers and existing Westfield customers as an exciting way to get good deals exclusive to shops in Westfield.

Further sign ups would be encouraged by promoting the ability to share the great deals customers got with their friends and creating a community of users interacting and comparing the great deals they found.

Buy in from Retailers would be achieved via selling them on the benefits of attracting 'ready to buy' customers at exactly the right stage in their buying journey.

Business model:

Retailers pay to promote their items through the app (either via monthly subscription or per promotion)

It will be free for customers to use.


Growth would be achieved by increasing users and buy in from retailers via paid marketing and word of mouth.

We would experiment with the frequency and placement of the Snap Sales - to explore the optimum rate, date and time of them based on data with increased use. For example Snap Sale could be used as a way to drive footfall on a specific day, date or season that traditionally sees low or slow traffic.

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