Built at HackMHS
Almost everyday day at school I see kids scrambling to open their hw folder because of the teacher forgetting until last minute. Wouldn't it be better if the kid could simply take out their phone, take a picture, and instantly have it on their in-app planner?

What it does

By taking a picture, the Inputted OCR algorithm will scan the picture for any text. It will then let you choose which class to put it into and when it is due

How I built it

I used Swift in XCode to create this mobile app.

Challenges I ran into

The iphone would glitch whenever using the tesseract algorithm, therefore I had to use the XCode simulator and a pre-shot image to run tesseract

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The OCR that was able to read all of the text

What I learned

Improved my fundamentals of Swift Learned about Cocoapods Learned about Tesseract OCR

What's next for Snap-Planner

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