If you ever needed to settle a dispute, like who will take out the garbage or what language should we code in, then you probably played rock-paper-scissors. If there is a dispute in your SnapChat group chat, then Snap, Paper, Scissors! is for you!

What it does

This is a web-based app that plays rock paper scissors against an opponent. The game keeps score of the wins and losses for each player and displays them in the scoreboard. You can log in with your SnapChat and play with your friends.

How I built it

Snap, Paper, Scissors! is built using HTML and Javascript. With the integration of SnapKit's Web SDK, players can against their SnapChat friends.

Challenges I ran into

Many challenges hindered the progress of the application, including typos in file names and incompatible image types. I am used to programming in Notepad++, but for this project decided to switch to the atom IDE for all HTML, CSS, and Javascript files. The SnapKit SDK would be blocked by the network's firewall that prevented testing on the login for SnapChat users.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the UI and backend script. It was a challenge to try to program a beautiful user interface (while I'm not a graphics designer) and the backend programming is not my strength either. I am proud that I was able to develop the UI.

What I learned

I learned how to use the atom IDE to create web apps and script files. I also learned how to code the logic for a rock-paper-scissors game.

What's next for Snap, Paper, Scissors!

We hope to make the web app mobile friendly and integrate the SnapKit to be used in SnapChat group chats.

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