The idea arose from a very sober conversation with my friend. He is a powerhouse when it comes to ideas and I always get new ideas when I'm around him. But this one in particular stuck with me, an Uber for Photographers. I ended up chatting with a professional photographer friend of mine and she agreed that it was a wonderful idea too. It gives a great opportunity for both amateur and professional photographers to gain both experience and clientele.

What it does

The vision :

  • Create Separate Logins for Photographers & Clients
  • Create Landing Pages
  • Create an Accessible Database
  • Create a search with maps feature
  • Create a in-app messaging feature

The product (as of right now) :

  • Separate Logins for Photographers & Clients
  • Have Responsive Landing Pages
  • The Database is implemented

How I built it

I ended up using for building the web app. The pages are hybrid of both C# and html. I implemented simple UX designs and used Adobe Experience Design to create some mock-ups. After the mock ups, implemented a singular class for the database with a check variable to distinguish between the different User Levels.

Challenges I ran into

I am brand new with using and I haven't used much of similar products a lot. The only previous experience I had was html, css, js websites I worked with over the summer. I ran into couple documentation issues which was noted by the Microsoft Representative to add to the tutorial. Also, I started the plan knowing that I'm going to not be able to complete the entire set of goals but work as much as I can. Also, had a hard time finding help when needed (but I found them eventually and they were super helpful.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • The project so far
  • The UX Design
  • The Logo
  • Learning to Use Asp.Net.Core after I hated .Net for the longest time and actually loving the process.
  • Understanding the Model View Controller Idea

What I learned

  • .Net.Core
  • C#
  • Patience
  • More Visual Studio
  • UX Design

What's next for Snap Moments

  • Couple more months in development to complete the goals and create a stable app for release and potentially launch a company.

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