we all three loves art, two of us is good at math, we think 3D is the best and beautiful way to build a object.

What it does

it is a 3D modeling software we build from scratch. developed to help beginners who want to model the object while using a block base language.

How we built it

We use the clue of the both 3D coordinates and 2D coordinates to locate and move/ add/ remove the points. the two essential list - points list (all points on a object) and face list (tells what are the points on each faces)

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to use matrix multiplication for most of the transformation of the object. since the library didn't provide, and when we write a matrix multiplicating block, we found out that the language Snap is too slow in calculating the matrix. therefore, the solution that happened many time is to break down the 3D mentional problem into 2D and then. using the existing 3D clue and 2D clue to figure out the solution we want.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we finally made the program, many codes we almost gave up also got accomplished at last.

What we learned

the Traditional matrix multiplication is not the only method to achieve a problem. the limitation of the programming language doesn't affect that much what we can achieve

What's next for Snap modeling

since Snap modeling bascially essentially produce the point - face list. the model can be export to any other program. we can keep establish the Snap modeling into a more refined software or we can use it as the modeling tool for the Animation / or game. (the model can stand alone in any platforms!)

Built With

  • snap
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