Problem: Getting in touch with credible medical experts to quickly answer your questions with low friction but credible advice is difficult. TeleHealth outlets take too long, and websites like Reddit and others aren’t credible. Solution:
Beneficiaries: General public - Quickly get answers from credible, verified medical experts Medical experts - Medical experts with extra time, who are not on the front lines, can uphold their Hippocratic oath and remotely help the public by debunking myths and providing sound advice about COVID-19


During COVID-19, we have been hearing a lot of advice about how to stay safe from often not-so-credible sources. Some of these things can be very dangerous (e.g. taking the wrong medicine, etc). We were inspired to find a way to solve this by quickly helping the general public get in touch with a medical expert as soon as they have a question. This way they can fact check what they here with a credible, verified medical expert before acting upon it.

What it does

Snap Med is designed to solve this problem, by providing the general public Snap answers from credible, verified medical experts.

How We built it

We build an initial wireframe in Figma then built a html5 website that is responsive and works on mobile with a Node backend to quickly onboard both the general public and a medical expert. We built verification flows for the medical expert to be verified via a national database and a simple flow for a user to anonymously get their questions answered by a verified medical expert.

Challenges We ran into

We had some issues with the chat working smoothly (perhaps could have used a messenger bot instead). We also didn't fully implement the medical verification due to some third party issues with Twilio, but will complete in the following days to release the app.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We have a functional prototype that actually works! :)

What We learned

Verifying a medical professional is hard and building a simple flow for the general public is hard because there are a lot of barriers.

What's next for Snap Med

We plan to complete some of the flows and edge cases and release this publicly as a globally used app (also build one that is only used via text for developing countries)

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