• 9,730 people will die of melanoma in 2017
  • Poorer patients are at higher risk
  • These deaths are preventable

What it does

  • Tool for clinicians AND patients
  • Track and analyze lesions over time via fractal geometry and image processing
  • HIPAA compliant

How we built it

  • Sketchware, with Genymotion as an Android Emulator
  • iOS Version can be coded with Swift as well as with XCode

Challenges we ran into

  • Ensuring HIPAA compliance
  • Determining which language/platform would be best for this application
  • Incentivizing patients to consistently keep up with doctors requests

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Designing an organized, secure, and useful tool that will aid in early prevention of melanoma
  • Using Sketchware (a tool that our team wasn't familiar with) to build our demo
  • Finding a method to facilitate data transfer between our application and EHRs
  • Realizing that healthcare providers would be interested in providing incentives for patients to use our app

What we learned

  • How to ensure our app is HIPAA compliant and secure through truevaults API
  • How to pitch our idea in a clear and concise manner

What's next for Snap MD

  • Develop the iOS/Android app
  • Develop the algorithms required to analyze and formatthe images captured
  • Work with dermatologists to ensure their needs are met
  • Pitch to healthcare executives to get them on board with incentivizing patients
  • Scale the application beyond melanoma prevention; we can provide analytic tools and image storage for bedsores, surgical sites, and anything else doctors take photos of
  • Market directly to hospitals for use in inpatient care

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