Who doesn't love dodgeball? You can play it, without getting hit, using Augmented Reality! And it's made for vertical video in Lens Studio. Try it out, it's fun. Just remember not to get too into it during your lunch break, because you might break a sweat ;)

Simple! Intuitive!

Three intensity levels

Toggle the GUI on/off with a tap

Use it with the back camera on friends, or enhance on an existing video

Use Cases...

💃 Showing off fashion? Dance moves? Add some motion, make your regular video more fun and engaging!

😈 This is not a devious lick or cinnamon challenge. This is for positive social influencers to encourage a fun way to exercise. Show off your impressive high score, or sweet moves on Snap Spotlight.

📷 But if you like trouble... you can also flip the camera around and "prank" your friends by shooting them with dodgeballs. Don't worry this prank is harmless.

👻 Or try "spooky" dodgeball this halloween with a friend with your back camera. Work together and tell them where to dodge invisibly in a split second. "DUCK!"

🧠 Get creative! Try seeing how well you can dodge standing on one leg. There are endless opportunities to start trends with this lens.

🎶 Also meme-able. What are you dodging in life? Can you sync this to music?

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