About 40% of the food in the United States goes uneaten, which translates to about 400 pounds of food being wasted per person. This leads to a huge amount of expenditure on transporting, processing and disposing the neglected food and also raises serious questions about how sustainable this is. We would like to tackle this issue through Snap Byte which allows you to get a recipe out of whatever food items you have.

What it does

We plan to address these objectives by making Snap Byte a web app and then later on accessible to both Android and iOS users. Using a locally uploaded image, the app will detect food items in the photo. After a short processing time, the user will be able to see a list of recipes on their display.

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make a simple yet effective user interface. For the backend, we made use of Node and Express packages for API interfacing and used a NoSQL database to store the recipes.

Challenges we ran into

Building a perfect user interface Learning how to master API calls Manipulating returned data and displaying to user

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accurate image detection Easy to use interface Seamless operation

What we learned

CSS format specifiers Matching and filtering algorithms Node and API calling

What's next for Snap Byte

Mobile market development and launch

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