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The Problem: Imagine you're deciding on which restaurant to go to with some friends. The Facebook poll is active. You aren't thrilled about the runner up, a pizza place with 3 votes, but you absolutely despise the idea of eating at the steak house which has 5 votes! You are a vegetarian, and all they have for you is (bad) salad!

You decide to build a coalition to fight the steak house vote. You are the 4th vote in favor of pizza, despite the fact that the Italian restaurant is strictly superior. Based on only 9 votes, you decide to abandon your #1 choice, without knowing that maybe the 6 remaining people also would have preferred it, but they too may vote along the major restaurant lines.

In addition to this, you have NO IDEA WHEN PEOPLE WILL RESPOND. They don't see the rush, but you live further away and would like to plan on travel time. Why can't any of your friends just make a snap decision?

The Solution: Instant run-off voting involves ranking voting options in order of preference. If no option achieves a majority, the voting option with the least number of first-preference rankings is eliminated and these votes are redistributed. This process is repeated until one voting options wins by a majority. Instant run-off voting is widely considered to be fairer than simple first-choice plurality voting.

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