Vision we started with

We wanted to create an app that would be of great value. We looked at the different local issues and we all got stuck on the need to assist the physically challenged and the elderly, and thought that a shopping app would be vital.


To assist the physically challenged with their shopping necessities To allow persons to shop locally within the comforts of their home To assist in increasing the sales percentage of the contracted supermarkets and businesses To create a platform where locals can advertise goods and services (thats not offered by the contracted client)


By creating a platform where individuals, specifically the physically challenge, the elderly and their caretakers can purchase goods offered by the contracted supermarket through a web based application.


Shop Now App is an application that links the consumers with the contracted supermarket via their mobile, computer or tablet through an application. That application allows the consumers to shop for daily necessities, such as food, houshold items, pharmaceuticals etc, where they add them to a virtual shopping bag and pay for the goods after their shopping is completed. The consumers have the option for their goods to be delivered to them or the goods to be ready for pick up.

Shop Now App, “Easy as a Snap”

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