We really wanted to help an everyday Joe be able to be able to simply take an image of something they wanted and figure out what it was and if it was available at our favourite store: Walmart! We also have a roommate who does not know much English and it's hard for him to go out and purchase goods without knowing what they are (and it's incredibly hard to describe it as well). We made the app to also help individuals who aren't fluent in english to be able to discover goods they need.

What it does

An android application which lets users take an image of anything they want to buy, in which we take that image and using image recognition software along with our algorithm to discover what that item is. Then the user is also shown the item (or similar items) available at Walmart.

How I built it

Using android studio with the help of the Walmart Api we were able to create snap. We also had help with an image recognition software available on mashape which let us have such an amazing app to help some amazing people.

Challenges I ran into

If there were two objects in the image, it would get confused, which is where we had to create an algorithm to only choose the item that took up more space in the image. We finally did it and it works amazingly :D

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were so glad of the confidence levels. Majority of the time the application picked up what the object was and was able to relate it to Walmart's inventory.

What I learned

User Interface is key, we wanted to make it as simple as possible though keeping it fast and accurate.

What's next for Snap

Either make it amazing and give it over to Walmart or expand and acquire other APIs from other stores to create a larger variety of stores to buy the object. We also want to make it faster!

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