When the date and the price is fixed, but not the destination. Snap helps people pick where to go at the very last minute.

How it works

At 11am on Tuesday, tune into Snap for the best offers for what you can get up to next weekend. Anybody can browse through hundreds of tabs; Snap is an opinionated way of browsing just five "good" options only for "next weekend". User preferences, home airport, budget and other stored preferences are factored into a simple "snap choice".

This overturns the normal flight search process. Instead of picking

  • Home airport
  • Destination airport
  • Outbound and return dates

... Snap will just assume dates and home airport and show a list of great value destinations, found by the Skyscanner "everywhere" search. We combine hotel and other deals around this.

To sweeten the display of results, we show the value of your home neighborhood on AirBnB (powered by Zilyo API) as a cost-saving for a weekend getaway: A €500 trip might only cost €300!

When we generate these 5 options, they can be shared with a travel companion as a shared challenge. Voted separately, the results are shared afterwards and booking can then take place for your common choice. Booking would be eventually via Skyscanner and Hotelbeds.

Challenges I ran into

We wanted to try a new framework this weekend, which just didn't work out for us!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Using parse to get the bare bones of an app (login, data storage) relatively quickly.
  • It has enough potential to become an interesting app.
  • We rolled in a cool feature to calculate total cost of the trip, factoring in potentially renting out your place while away.

What I learned

  • "Boil it in a teacup" — the scope for hackathon projects, according as Gene Quinn! We should have stuck to familiar territory!

What's next for snap

  • Finish /account
  • Rich/Big Data to learn from results
  • Handover to Desktop
  • Push Notifications
  • Ground Transport via the Indigo API
  • Adding in the Wunderground API to predict weather for the destination.
  • Smarter airport choice depending on activity

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