To improve the lives of our fellow students with puns, jokes, laughs, and tricks.

The Chrome Extension is built, currently, to take every dollar amount and realize the cost in terms of Simple Coffee's. A single Simple Coffee costs $4, so a $12 gadget would show up on your screen as costing 3 Simple Coffee's.

The Chrome Extension is built to take any phrase, symbol, number, etc. and replace it with any other word, phrase, symbol, or number. For example, we can replace all instances of the letter 'a' of a webpage with the symbol '^'. As you can tell, there are some hilarious and implicating opportunities.

Ask Sunil.

While replacing numbers, like 89.99, we could effectively change 89 to 5 oranges, but could not delete the '.99'. More testing would be required to replace complex character strings.

Each of us learned and applied ourselves to new, challenging, and unknown tasks.

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