We wanted to do something that first time hackathoners could do while at the same time give more experience coders something to do. We originally wanted to do something for disadvantaged people who can't move their limbs and develop something where they would just need to move their eyes, but we settled on this so the inexperienced hackathoners could their hands wet

What it does

This is the classic game snake. Instead of normal arrow key controls, you can use your eye movements

How we built it

Python, Pygame, opencv

Challenges we ran into

Python Virtual environment issues, building the project, bad performance when put together with the game, time, accuracy of computer vision detection, figuring out the ratio for the eye movements.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting a project done, building a demo

What we learned

Python opencv, building a snake game, Pygame

What's next for SnakeEyes

Making it more efficient and usable!

Built With

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