Market Description

Play the classic Snake game but with a twist. Specially designed for the Samsung Gear 2, this version of the game keeps the head of the snake in the center of your watch screen so your fingers don't get in the way!

It also features multiple apples and multiple lives. Eat 10 apples to get a life back! Swipe down to pause the game at any time and comeback to it when you like. It also saves your High Score!

Joystick Control Innovation

While the game can be played with swipes, it is also an option for the player to keep their finger anywhere on the screen and make use of the two joystick outlines at the bottom. These are provided to help the player (left handed or right handed) to visually understand the status of the joystick.


To perform double moves, say up then immediately to the right, the player can draw semicircles on the device screen, which has the effect of moving the joystick quickly to the required directions. A software buffer means that two directions can be queued up to achieve this even if the timing doesn't match the snakes movement.

Technical Information

Snaked is open source, available on GitHub with an in browser demo.

I've used test driven development using Jasmine tests run using Karma.

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