To build a truly global and open creative organization.

What it does

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Our blockchain Lead could not make it to the Hackathon so we needed to think. This is not just a team problem that we need to solve but a real-world adoption issue we need to solve.

We tried to hook up a chatbot to facilitate the whole process of setting up your own Colony (from without needing any programming / blockchain experience. We tried to keep everything in a chat that means one does not even have to struggle with npm stuff*

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have scaled up on our blockchain skills. We managed to create a boilerplate HTTP API on top of the ColonyJS library and made it accept HTTP Post calls as input to setup a colony. We then created a Dialogflow Chatbot that connected to the HTTP API for the whole process. So the user can do the whole setup process from their messenger

What we learned

Above all, we realized how less difficult that it appears most blockchain applications are. this just intimidates a lot of developers, using a chatbot to build up was one way to get more people involved without having to worry about a lot of coding and configurations

What's next for Snake Nation Colony

Adapting it into our expansion model. Going into 20 countries throughout Africa. We plan to use this as a way to organize our decentralized societies and assign task, evaluate, and pay for services.

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