In a Hackathon five years ago, Adomas developed a competitive version Snake for two players in 2D. This is a variation on that, but with a first-person viewpoint and in a 3D environment.

It is version of snake where 2 players compete to be the last one standing in a walled area. When a player hits a wall, they lose a unit of their length until they "die". Players gain units of length by eating apples and can obtain a temporary speed boost power-up. This is advantageous as bumping into the other player's head causes them to lose units of length in their snake - however this collision also causes you to lose a unit. The game ends when one of the players loses all of their length.

We used the engine Unity and the language C# to develop this game.

There were problems with getting the chain of spheres representing the snake to move together smoothly, but the problems were fixed relatively easily. Another issue was typing errors in the code, which cost a lot of time for something very simple. Another significant challenge was the time pressure. We had a lot of ideas we wanted to put into this, but unfortunately we ran out of time to complete them.

We are proud of what we managed to do in this time and are quite happy with how it looks given our lack of design experience.

We learnt how to actually develop games using the Unity engine and about writing algorithms for a basic AI for the computer to play instead of another human player.

We were planning to add a computer controlled snake who avoids obstacles and managed to complete a possible algorithm, however we ran out of time to implement this into the game. We also planned to include in-game menus and a scoring system. We are planning to port this for use on VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift.

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