Retro gaming fused with new technologies such as the Myo.

What it does

Community democratically plays snake on a 3D LED Cube. Try it Out : You vote for the next move, it will appear on the cube in the next 10 sec.

How I built it

The Cube itseft is powered by a small Arduino Uno that receives commands from a Raspberry pi, connected by websocket to a Webserver running on Heroku.

The cube contains 125 LED that can be controlled individually and updated in realtime.(Schematic in the images)

Challenges I ran into

The Arduino is not the fastest microcontroller and reading from the Serie port are blocking calls that take a lot of time. In an app where realtime is a issue, the choice of a better microcontroller will be considered for futur iterations.

Also, interfacing with the Myo in Node Js was harder that we anticipated. We have to stream data from the Myo in a Python script and listen to the port in the NodeJs App (Thank to the many Mentors who give us hints and their time).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Meeting new peoples and making a working product.

What I learned

Websocket for the most part and how they integrate in NodeJS.

Built With

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