We arrived with the idea to make a video game, but while we were discussing ideas about what kind of game to make, we heard about the maker hack and realized we would be better suited for the challenge. We still wanted to make something related to video games and that's when we realized that we should make an arcade machine.

How it works

The arcade is powered by an arduino that is contained within a 3d printed shell. An arduino is a micro controller that uses its own language to receive and accomplish commands.

Challenges we faced

While working on the design for the shell, we ran into issues where the file was not being exported in the correct size which slowed us down even more since the 3d printer took a long time to print.To fix this issue we had to manually resize each of the pieces so that it would print properly.Even more we had issues where the connection pins on the arduino were not in the right place so the code did not run properly.This was a simple fix since we had to double check if the pins were in the right place.

Built With

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