It all began with the limited utility of the traditional data packs that we all use and how it limits us with respect to download speeds and sizes. Also, for various utilities, we tend to trust those people more, with whom we share a socio-economical status. Hence, we wanted to make a platform to connect such like-minded people easily.

What it does

We have tried to make peer to peer file transfer much faster and hassle less via Wi-fi Direct. The basic principle is to share large files directly over office/home Wi-fi, hence making the process of acquiring a file cheaper, and much less chaotic! We connect people based upon their interests and proximity and the file transfer can take place between two people even from hundred feet apart! Moreover, we just don't stop at file downloads, but further expand ourselves to products, geo-tag them and connect people better. For example, a person interested in a new product, who wishes to get it's reviews before purchasing it can get connected to another buyer who owns that product in his closest proximity. This enables the buyer to make an informed, and satisfactory choice, after all his reservations are cleared by someone, just like him!

How we built it

We used Android Studio to build the application and MySQL for the database, which runs on python. Our app uses three HPE Haven On Demand APIs, namely Map Coordinates, Train Prediction and Bar code Scanner. Apart from these, we also use Google Maps APIs and Twitter Crash Analytics.

Challenges we ran into

We were challenged by the expanse of our project and the minute technicalities which crept in slowly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud of the fact that we accomplished the major part of our plan and executed it beautifully. We still have a long way to go with the application but we are confident about our accomplishments so far.

What we learned

This effort of ours at P2P connectivity was naive, yet firm at it's roots. We have learnt a lot about the challenges of android development as well as hackathons. This dual challenge of tough coding with time constraints has taught us not only about the difficulties of making an application, but also about how we are supposed to overcome it as a team.

What's next for FindThat

We wish to complete our proposed plan for our application in the coming days. We find our app essential for a wide range of population, from teenagers to adults. This app brings similar-minded people together, helps them connect and helps them make an informed choice overall.

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