SnagTag is an android application that interfaces with the smartest and most informative clothing label in the retail industry. These labels contain an NFC chip which holds relevant information about the garment. SnagTag is able to read the NFC chips that are embedded into the clothing allowing the user to instantly buy, save or ship the piece of clothing. Our main goal was to develop a simple method to enhance the shopping experience by providing a means for smarter analytics. Unlike the traditional barcode, NFC technology paired with our application allows the retailer to maintain real time attention to the clothing in the store. SnagTag tracks information about which articles of clothing are in high or low demand allowing the stores to change the amount of inventory, the prices, or even locations of different clothes. This differs greatly from the current state of retail shopping where stores can only get information from the point of sales. Even more powerful is SnagTag’s ability to allow stores to send targeted push notifications about sales to specific customers who have Snagged similar items recently. SnagTag gives Clothing stores the power to understand and communicate to their customers on individual basis. Access to SnagTag’s information will revolutionize all aspects of the shopping experience.

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