Our team was inspired by the Community Track because we felt strongly about creating something that would help fight the problem of food insecurity.

Our team had interacted with this topic before by volunteering at food banks. We realized that food banks played an important role in helping community members get meals and nutrition, but they could easily be overwhelmed, especially in major poverty-stricken areas.

Consequently, food banks don't always know how many packages of produce they need to prepare so food can pile up, or there my not be enough food for everyone.

What it does

To solve this problem, we decided to build Snaga Pack.

Snaga Pack is a webapp that makes handling and distributing food donations easier--for both food banks and the community members that rely on them.

To do this, Snaga Pack introduces an innovative ticket-based solution. Here, people looking for food banks can input where and when they would like to "snag a pack" along with the number of packages they need. This order translates to a ticket that matches them with a food bank that can handle their request.

On the food bank's end, food bank representatives can input information about their location, their open hours, and their regulations for COVID-19.

How we built it

For our original design and mockup, we used Figma to build a prototype of the webapp.

From there, we built the website using Python, Django, as well as HTML and CSS. We also used Bootstrap.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of building a fully functional webapp in a short period of time. We think that Snaga Pack could be effectively used in the real world and help make food banks more easily accessible to the general public.

What we learned

Technically, we learned how to convert our Figma designs into workable, functional products. We also learned more about how to use Bootstrap to improve the responsiveness and overall UX of our webapp.

Along our hackathon journey though, we also learned more about the food insecurity crisis and the problems that food banks face today.

What's next for Snaga Pack

We would love to expand Snaga Pack's ticket feature to cater to users who may have special or restricted diets. For example, we could implement additional filters for food banks with vegan or gluten-free options.

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