Being at wealthsimple, thinking of something fintech, working with chrome extensions, building a simple tool

What it does

Snag searches through twitter feeds and filters them by customized location, keyword, text, & emotion to hone in on potential customers.

How we built it

  • PostgreSQL on the back end to save potential customer messages
  • Ruby on Rails to parse twitter messages, filter through Indico and provide API endpoints
  • React to consume API endpoints and generate views
  • Chrome to pack into a simple extension tool for easy use

Challenges we ran into

  • Time constraints
  • API limitations (give us twitter firehose)
  • Data quantity and quality
  • Machine learning algorithms (or lack thereof)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Making something that works in a short period of time (the data it pulls is pretty relevant!)

What we learned

  • Chrome extensions
  • Delved a bit into machine learning and realized that it was a pretty hard thing to get right
  • Building an app from bottom to top

What's next for Snag

  • Pulling messages from other platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, Medium, etc...
  • Improved filtering capabilities
  • Customized for individual companies
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