We found that as college students aren't the best eaters. We all struggle with finding healthy and cheap diets as well as budgeting smartly.

What it does

SnackSaver constructs healthy and diverse daily three meal plans & suggestions based on user data. It tracks savings accumulated by following meal plans as well as informs users of opportunities to invest their savings in.

How I built it

We used sketch to create high-fi prototypes and then used React to create the front-end. We also used firebase to create our database and JS node as our backend.

Challenges I ran into

Matching the front-end to the UI mock ups and the initial project scope is too wide.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We created beautiful UI and were able to bring it to life using React, Firebase, and JS.

What I learned

We learned that how to collaborate between designers and engineers.

What's next for SnackSaver

Add in machine learning capabilities to create better recommendations for our users.

Try it on your mobile phone! It unfortunately wasn't designed for desktop.

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