You've managed to find a 30-minute window in the middle of your hectic Tuesday afternoon, and you'd like to use that precious time to grab lunch. You don't have time to wait for an hour and a half for your vegan tofu wrap. You need to know where to go to avoid the crowds, so that you can get in, get your food, and still have time to eat before your 2PM lecture. Until now, though, you haven't had much of a choice, other than picking a random restaurant and hoping you were lucky that day.

Enter SnackHack: a web service and Android app that leverages Twitter's Geolocation API and Wash. U. network data to provide real-time information on just how crowded every restaurant on campus is. No longer is eating at Wash. U. a game of wait-time roulette. Instead, you can find the perfect restaurant in an instant, utilize our robust historical data engine to find the best time to visit a favorite spot – like, for instance, that you can get a Holmes Lounge sandwich with minimal fuss at 10:15, and spend less time waiting in line and more time doing the things you love.

Inspired by a long-standing hatred of lines and a longer-standing love of food, we've built Snackhack primarily to solve a problem for Wash. U. students, staff, and faculty. That said, Snackhack isn't just a restaurant app. It's also a flexible API for analyzing how busy any location in the world is. Just provide coordinates or an address, and you're ready to go. With complete API docs, and bindings in Ruby and Python, it couldn't easier.

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