We both work at companies that are between 10-40 people. Office snacks are a nightmare for our office managers to handle. Even with our office managers best effort, we still don't have all the snacks we want and in the quantities we need. We often run out of the popular items mid week, and requests for certain items often fall through the cracks.

Why SnackBot?

Snack Bot solves 2 major paint points for office managers, which ultimately make office snacks a better experience for everyone!

  1. SnackBot gives office managers one central location for all snack requests
  2. SnackBot measures your consumption rates of your office snacks and tells you the exact quantity you should order

How SnackBot works?


  • Message SnackBot what office snacks you want
  • Select from 3 SnackBot suggestions
  • Get the snacks you want!

Office Manager

  • At the end of the week get a shopping list from SnackBot
  • Approve/Reject requests
  • Use SnackBot's 'Smart Quantities' to manage your snack inventory
  • One click ordering

How we built it


What's next for SnackBot

World domination!

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