Fast fashion is slowly killing the planet. Every year, global emissions from textile production are equivalent to 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2, a figure that outweighs the carbon footprint of international flights and shipping combined. The only way to stop this is to try and shift the consumers' minds to more sustainable ways to shop. Young adults today do care about the environment because they are the ones who feel the impact of climate change the most. There has been an increase in demand for sustainable alternatives to common consumer goods. However, for fashion, we are usually limited to second hand clothes from thrift stores or luxury designer wear that is expensive. Fortunately, the last decade has seen more and more independent and affordable sustainable clothing brands come alive. We want to connect the everyday shopper to these brands and make them understand the positive impact they can have when they shop sustainbly. We want to give them a chance to make the better, greener choice when shopping and make the process easy and fun.

What it does

Smyle is a sustainble e-commerce platform that partners with independent sustainable labels like ABLE, Everlane and Reformation to provide complete outfits for different occasions for the consumer to buy. This solves the pain of hunting through various, hard to find platforms to form complete looks. Additionally, everytime a shopper buys a bundle/outfit, our website shows them the impact that purchase has on the environment. This allows the shopper to understand their contribution to saving the planet and hopefully makes them return to make more purchases.

How I built it

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, Bootstrap and jQuery. Adobe XD for UX/UI and wireframes.

Challenges I ran into

node.js was completely new to us. Picking up a new language was exciting but also scary because we didnt know whether we could make it work in the end.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

we managed to make node.js work! We are also proud of the team effort we put it, dividing and conquering tasks but also working together. We are proud that we stuck to a theme we are passionate about, it is really fulfilling seeing something you care about being fought for.

What I learned

our biggest learning as a team was collaborating through github. another learning is to find productive solutions for things that dont work out. It is not very easy to translate elaborate wireframes into the end product but working together we could find the right balance between usability and aesthetics for our available time.

What's next for Smyle

Moving forward, we need to find suitable partnerships with sustainable brands that understand our vision and mission. We also want to incorporate machine learning to automate the curated looks that we show on our site as we get more data.

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