We were inspired by the enthusiasm of the Reply team here at Hack Cambridge! We wanted to enter their challenge and design an improved version of a Smart Plug with the aim of minimising carbon emissions when charging devices with the mains.

SMUG Plug allows you to take advantage of these fluctuations by automatically using energy at the best time. It uses the national grid database to receive a live feed of predictions of the carbon intensity in your area. Using this, it determines when it is best to charge your device in a time interval defined by the user.

We built it using Python Flask framework and JavaScript deploying our web application on Microsoft Azure.

We ran into the challenges of web application deployment and logic design in the backend of the application.

We're proud to have completed a whole functional application that communicates to the national grid database and helps the user to optimise electricity usage.

We all learnt about how build an interactive web application and design backed, frontend and hardware attached to it.

Next SMUG will be plugged into bigger frameworks that make use of big historical datasets and learn patterns of carbon dioxide emissions to better optimise the usage of electrical power and improve the environmental impact.

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