Common in individuals diagnosed with chronic pain, brain smudging refers to a change within the brain where the functions that map the detection of stimulation of different areas of the body begin to overlap. For example, if someone were to tap you on the thumb, you might actually perceive that sensation as coming from your index finger instead. With one of our team members having experience with this disorder, we found that there are currently no solutions on the market for dealing with this issue. We are hoping to create something to remedy this.

What it does

The application and paired glove are intended to work together by sending a signal to turn on a randomly selected cell phone vibrator, then the user selects an area on the game screen which indicates where they felt the vibration. They gain points for getting it right, but receive strikes for incorrect answers. Three incorrect answers lead to a game over. This takes advantage of brain plasticity to help retrain the user's brain using a game to hold their attention.

How we built it

We built a custom glove with vibrators and connected it to an Android application via Raspberry Pi

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