In the innovation industry, it is common, that expensive parts have little tolerances for deviation from the standard. A deviation of less than one millimeter can make components unusable. Humans are not good evaluators of those deviations, as it is infeasible for the human eye to detect them reliably.

What it does

We have developed an automated system to detect displacements or rotations of parts before and after fixation processes and thereby identify potential defectives.

How we built it

We provided an analysis server for real time evaluation of fixation process deviation. For this we used computer vision technology for identifying abnormal displacements.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We found a method for efficiently identifying transformations of surface elements' position after the fixation process. Achieving that, we always focused on an appealing UX and UI for the enduser.

What's next for SMT Quality Inspector

Currently we provide a Web-App for customers to observe the potential displacements. The server already provides the infrastructure for a direct connection to deploy the product on the machines.

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