We've all experienced the pain of running out of mobile data and being unable to google a simple question. If only there was a way around that.

Enter SMSearch.

What it does

Text your google search to SMSearch's number (+1 647 696 5504), and get a reply within a few seconds with the answer to your question.

How we built it

The SMS functionality is built on Twilio. When Twilio receives a message, it sends a HTTP request to our flask server. There, we google the query and use open AI's GPT-3 model to extract the answer from the top search results. Finally, we send the answer back to the user.

Challenges we ran into

  • Scraping high-quality text from google search result websites. Each website's layout is different, making it difficult to only extract the important information. A lot of junk is extracted making the reply take longer and less accurate.
  • Getting GPT-3 to give responses to different types of questions. This was solved by creating more example cases.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our first time working with GPT-3 and twilio. We're really happy that we got it working!

What we learned

How to use twilio, gpt-3, and how to run everything together on a flask server.

What's next for SMSearch

Refine the search, and make sure it can answer every question correctly. Make the search engine more conversable, so you can ask follow-up questions or more details. Make searches faster, and more versatile.

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