After hearing news about the state of education, we thought we had to do something about it. More than 250 million children don't have even basic education. Knowing how important education was to us we really couldn't sit still and do nothing.

The global pandemic has decimated the already weakened education system for every country in the world. If developed countries felt the blow, you betcha that developing countries got hit the hardest.

We were inspired by Mobile Kunji, a project that delivers childbirth and post-natal care information to frontline health care workers through a simple mobile phone.

What it does

Introducing smschool Education for all.

smschool is an education system developed for developing countries. smschool allows teachers to send their classes over inexpensive cell phones. We knew we had to do something inexpensive

App Screenshots App Screenshots
App Screenshots App Screenshots App Screenshots

How we built it

The frontend of the application was prototyped using Figma and Photoshop and developed using React while MongoDB was incorporated for the backend. We also used Twilio API to send SMS from our web app.


Challenges we ran into

We started off using Javascript for the frontend, and we should've started off using Typescript instead. We also ran into some issues with eslint which took us a long time to troubleshoot. We choose things we weren't familiar with, thus we ran into a lot of unfamiliar problems.

Although these drawbacks did set our timeline back by a few hours, our team collaborated to resolve these issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of and what we learned

The functionality of our app works, we learned how to implement Twilio. In addition, we also learned how to create a drag and drop bar.

What's next for smschool

We want to improve the UI and make sure it looks more aesthetically pleasing and that the user has a better experience interacting with our app.

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