SMS2Note (SMS to Evernote) application allows users to upload SMS from their handset to their Evernote Account. Remember and access your SMS information from everywhere using SMS2Note with Evernote.


  1. SMS Pop up
  2. Read or Close or delete or reply to SMS from the pop-up
  3. Upload the SMS directly from the pop-up.
  4. Upload selected SMS from Inbox
  5. Upload selected full conversations (threaded SMS)
  6. Auto-Upload SMS feature - Received SMS would be automatically uploaded to Evernote
  7. OAuth secure authentication technique
  8. One note per sender is created
  9. Nicely formatted SMS notes
  10. Customizable settings are provided
  11. Online SMS Backup

SMS Popup is the main feature of this application. SMS popup not only allows users to quickly read, reply, close and delete the SMS but also makes it super easy for the user to upload it to Evernote.

Sms2Note is a compelling app as there is a very high possibility hat the user would like to take a note of some important SMS. The app is indispensable as even though user may not want to upload each and every SMS , he would love to use the SMS popup to quicky access the SMS and when using this feature, he will always have a choice to upload it instantly.

There is no need to worry about loosing important SMS. The app will serve as a backup application for SMS.

With auto-upload, users will be able to access their SMS without even physically bearing their handset.

I hope you enjoy this free application.

Thanks & Regards, Hemant

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