Inspiration Our inspiration came from the popular TypeRacer format that is commonly used online to compare words per minute.

What it does Phone numbers are stored in a database and once the server is turned one, those numbers get sent random texts. Whenever someone sends a response that correctly matches the message, they get a point. This goes on until a set number of points is reached. If an answer is incorrect, they get a message saying "Keep trying!"

How we built it We used twilio SMS API, python through sublime for the backend, and ngrok to host a local server.

Challenges we ran into Storing the texts that came in from each phone and seeing if it correctly matches.

Accomplishments that we're proud of I fundamentally works.

What we learned Twilio is an interesting tool for SMS application

What's next for SMS TextRacer More debugging, and allowing more numbers to come in before it starts. More functionality.

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