About the Game

SMS Racing is a game about the thrill of texting and driving. Do you have what it takes to race at the highest level while responding to your friends' messages? You don't want to be rude, do you?


  • Text and race in the suburbs or the city
  • Learn how to keep your eyes on the phone in a fully interactive tutorial
  • Compare your skill to other texters on Leadr, an online leaderboard
  • Use your Galaxy Note 4's built-in text to speech functionality to read messages
  • Optimized for Gear VR: runs at full speed and resolution without frame drops on standard CPU/GPU settings


A gamepad is required to play. Please view the in-game tutorial for detailed instructions on how to text and drive. You'll be prompted to play the tutorial the first time you enter a race. Alternatively, the tutorial be launched from the main menu.


This is a sequel / reimagining of a game by the same name that we made as as a browser game in 2013. It received international attention from outlets such as TIME, Popular Mechanics, and Kotaku , achieved millions of YouTube views from the Let’s Play community, and has been downloaded by over 300,000 unique players.

The VR Jam version of the game is entirely new, and shares no code or assets from the 2013 web version. The game has been completely redesigned for VR, and is similar only in general concept and name.


Features new to this version of SMS Racing include:

  • Race Made (previously only time trial)
  • AI racers who also answer text messages
  • Head tracking (versus holding a key to tilt the camera down)
  • Quad-based UI helps players understand what buttons to press by communicating the positions of the buttons rather than their names
  • Leaderboards
  • Navigable phone menus

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