Fix Your Funnel has long been a proponent of tracking all your phone/sms data directly in Infusionsoft. SMS has been used for lead generation by Fix Your Funnel and Infusionsoft users for a few years, but now business owners can finally leverage SMS as a medium for communicating with their customers via Live SMS Chat! We noticed that occasionally our own staff would text prospects or clients from their personal phones, which lead to untracked communications and if the employee left the company, so did that SMS communication and in part, the relationship with the prospect or client. Opening this new channel of Live SMS Chat leads to natural communication between customers and the small business owner and their team. This is communication that is fully documented in contact record notes. With full control over which team members can respond to SMS conversations, and the ability to pass live conversations from one user to another, Fix Your Funnel has cracked open another powerful media channel for sales and marketing! Live SMS Chat is a total revolution of SMS as a Sales Tool. When folks won't respond to email or calls, SMS opens new doors to initiate conversations and get the sales conversation started. With the personal nature of the iOS app (with Android coming soon after ICON15), business owner's and their team members can know when prospects and customers reply allowing for picking up that conversation in the way and time the prospect is ready for.

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