I don't have a data plan on my smartphone. When I leave my house, the only connectivity my phone has is via phone calls and SMS. Others with data plans experience this is low-coverage areas where cellular data doesn't work. In these situations, if we needed to check the weather, look up a movie, or even get directions, we'd be out of luck.

SMS Jarvis is an assistant that delivers content via SMS - text messages, not cellular data. Need to know if it's going to rain? Send weather University of Waterloo to Jarvis. He'll reply with the current weather, as well as a forecast for the next few days.

Know where you're going, but not how to get there? Send navigate from University of Waterloo to the Waterloo International Airport to Jarvis and he'll send back a cue sheet of directions to follow.

Saw a trailer for a movie and want to know what it's about? Jarvis can tell you. Want to catch up on the news? Jarvis can send you the current top headlines from news sites. Need to know what that foreign-looking sign says? Jarvis can translate to and from 60+ different languages. Want to check if your personal website is up? Jarvis can ping it and report back to you.

Jarvis can even fetch data from Wikipedia, dictionaries, and other on-line resources if you need to know something a little more obscure, like the definition of logarithmancy (the practice of using logarithms for divination).

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