We have been passionate about the idea of empowering people with the internet for a long time. This is why we created an app that gives internet functionality without the need to pay for it.

Problem We Faced

We found that Canada has one of the highest phone plans around the world. We wanted to provide users access to core functionalities of the internet without needing to pay for an internet connection

How We Solved It

We utilized multiple API's and GCP to create our pipeline. We got a phone number through Twilio API that users could text. The information would be processed on our server, and sent back to the user as an SMS. We developed an android application that provided a comfortable UI for users to interact with, so that they would not have to send messages through the native texting app.

Users could access weather, news, directions, translations with multi-language auto detect, and a thesaurus.

As a bonus, we began developing a browser that strips away the CSS and JavaScript from any webpage, and returns only the HTML. In order for this to work over texting, we had to utilize MMS services. The HTML file was embedded within a JPEG file, and sent through MMS to the user. The user could then unzip the file on their device, and they would have the access to all the information on the webpage.

Plans for the Future

We plan to integrate deep links into the application to allow users to have a seemless experience with our browser. Once we accomplish this, we will have a browser as seemless as chrome, for users to access without being connected to the internet.

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