Emergency shelters, like the ones used during the California wildfires and hurricane Dorian, can have a lot of trouble processing all of the people who need a place to stay. SMORT is supposed to help make the process easier for both the people providing and seeking shelter.

What it does

Using NFC, it allows shelters to quickly check people in.

How we built it

SMORT is a combination of two Android apps, one for the user, and one for the shelter organizers, as well as a server side application to manage it all. We used Android studio for the two apps, python for the server side application, and sequel for the server storage.

Challenges we ran into

Going into this project only one of our members had any experience with Android Studio. We also had limited experience when it came to Google Maps integration so we had to spend a lot of our time working out its quirks.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We encountered some bugs while working, but we were able to repair everything we came across.

What we learned

We learned a lot about Android studio and the power of NFC.

What's next for SMORT: Emergency Shelter Location Software

We'd like to expand the backend interface to add more functionality. We'd also like the ability to link up with family members, so in the case of an emergency, people will know where their loved ones are.

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