What we found after doing market analysis and mapping the stakeholder needs is that lawyers often spend a lot of time collecting data about their clients on email, phone, and other communication channels. Lawyers tells us that it is difficult to keep track of all the information, and they wish they have a better system.

Our idea is to make the client fill out a simple form of questions that automatically gets entered into specific templates that the law firm has control over. The lawyer can now spend time doing what they do best, and the client can pay for the hours needed for law work and not data entry =)

Welcome to Smoothlaw, we make law as smooth as a smoothie<3

What it does

Smoothlaw is a platform for both lawyers and clients. It makes the process quick, efficient, time-saving and user-friendly. As a platform, it enables that the client has access for its case all the time, facilitates the communication between the client and the lawyer by giving feedback. Both parties can keep on track the process and the workload.

How I built it

Django, python, typeform, zapier, heroku, docker, github

Challenges I ran into

To create a web editable document was really difficult. So we ended up with a different solution. The client and lawyer can both enter their profile and company information. The client can easily choose between different cases that he wants to submit relevant data to. A typeform will open within an iframe that makes an elegant human-machine interaction for collecting data. This data is the parsed through a post json data routine using zapier into our cloud template creator that runs on python. The python script creates a beautiful docx document that is the uploaded to the web interface. Now it is possible to view the template for the client, while the lawyer has edit rights. The lawyer can choose to update the document and ask the client if they are happy with the result.

The tool makes it easy to streamline the process of creating the legal documents in co-corporation with the client.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That it somewhat works

What I learned

Learning how to integrate 3-party software like zapier and typeform into our webplatform. Learning how to create document handling cloud solution running on python. Learning bootstrap for front end.

What's next for SmoothLaw

We want to do further market research and ask for feedback about our current solution to possible customers and end users to evaluate the feasibility of the service.

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