We always wanted a safe and easy way to practice stocks online. When we were using discord we realized it was the perfect place to practice stocks. So we decided to make Smooth Stocks. Smooth Stocks is a unique idea to bring both discord and stocks together. This was the main reason we wanted to create this project. It’s unique, cool, and useful.

What it does

The Smooth Stocks discord bot allows a user to practice trading stocks without the risk of losing real money. Investors are given $100,000 to begin investing with and can invest in any stock that exists. Stock prices for a given day are based off of the previous day’s closing price.

Our commands:


  • Provides a list of available commands.


  • Creates an investment portfolio.


  • Serves the investor’s portfolio.

/buy [ticker] [quantity]

  • Attempts to purchase a given stock of a given quantity.

  • Various limitations apply, such as invalid parameters, insufficient funds, and outside of trading hours

/sell [ticker] [quantity]

  • Attempts to sell a given stock of a given quantity.
  • Various limitations apply, such as invalid parameters, insufficient number of owned stocks, and outside of trading hours.

How we built it


Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of

We had to overcome the idea that we absolutely needed the stock market API to be working so that we could make significant progress on our project. Once we dealt with this, we decided to focus more on the user-side deliverables like the messages that the bot will send to the server. Letting ourselves take a break from dealing with the API allowed us to create working interactions between our code and the test discord server. Messages can be sent to the channel via user commands, as well as user reactions to those messages.

What we learned

We worked with a handful of technologies that we have not used before for this project. Of the most notable, we learned how to create a Discord bot and how to use a stock API ( In addition, we learned how to effectively manage and finish a project in a short timeframe.

We also strengthened our on the spot decision making skills, as some of the challenges we ran into required a quick fix.

What's next for Smooth Stocks


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