There was no real inspiration - when the challenge was announced, I thought it was genuinely really funny and wanted to tap into my own creative energy to see what I could come up with.

What it does

From the user side, the user has an app that allows them to upload their documents so they don't have to carry it on the cruise. It also allows them to book their Spas, receive the schedule for the cruise ride, and a way to complain about any issues they were having. What's really cool is the social aspect. Although it wasn't finished, there was a functionality I was woking on, which would allow everyone on the cruise to share pictures of with each other. Everyone on the cruise would be able to see these pictures (assuming you allow it). This way, people can meet new people and enjoy each others time. The last thing I didn't get to touch was potentially using a FitBit as a ticket, via NFC.

From the Client side, there is a visual online Database that the client can look at to see if any user scheduled anything, has any complaints,

How I built it

Java on Android Studio, HTML, CSS, and JS, and an attempt with Azure

Challenges I ran into

I have almost no experience with Java or Azure

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I essentially built a relatively functional app - 0 to like 70 real fast.

What I learned

Really learned a lot of Android studio and a little bit of server related Azure tools

What's next for Smooth Sailing

Maybe a cruise company will take it from me.

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