This hardware hack was inspired by the need to connect the world's sensors and save lives for an affordable price. If manufactured, our design could drive the price of an upgrade down to below $15. This small microprocessor clips into any existing smoke alarm system's battery and instantly converts it into a connected alert system. It is able to contact all residents in the event of being triggered, and remotely handles the situation, false or real. If an event is occurring, all user devices will be set to ring, with the option to escalate to a 911 call, record individuals as safe, and mark as a false alarm. Our target user is anyone who needs to upgrade an existing alarm, and doesn't want to spend their life savings. It has a simple interface that connects the whole family during an emergency. For a large business owner facing new building codes, a reduction in price could save bundles. We are most proud of the hardware interface with several smoke alarms and a three tiered system for notifying family, neighbors, and emergency services. It is also native on the three major mobile platforms.

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