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How can we make secure chatrooms a thing of the past? By not having any data to protect!

What it does

Smokeroom sets up temporary chatrooms that auto-delete 2 minutes after the last message. Messages auto-delete after 3 seconds, ensuring no one will see what you're saying.

How I built it

The following packages:

  • accounts-password 1.1.3 Password support for accounts
  • accounts-ui 1.1.6 Simple templates to add login widgets to an app
  • autopublish 1.0.4 (For prototyping only) Publish the entire database to all clients
  • blaze-html-templates 1.0.1 Compile HTML templates into reactive UI with Meteor Blaze
  • digilord:faker 1.0.7 Faker.js packaged for Meteor. Generate massive amounts of fake data
  • ecmascript 0.1.5 Compiler plugin that supports ES2015+ in all .js files
  • es5-shim 4.1.13 Shims and polyfills to improve ECMAScript 5 support
  • fezvrasta:bootstrap-material-design 0.3.0 FezVrasta's Bootstrap theme implementing Google's Material (Paper) - Design
  • flyandi:reactive-countdown 0.0.3 A simple reactive countdown timer for Meteor
  • insecure 1.0.4 (For prototyping only) Allow all database writes from the client
  • iron:router 1.0.12 Routing specifically designed for Meteor
  • jagi:astronomy 1.0.2* Model layer for Meteor
  • jagi:astronomy-timestamp-behavior 1.0.0 Timestamp behavior for Meteor Astronomy
  • jquery 1.11.4 Manipulate the DOM using CSS selectors
  • less 2.5.0_3 Leaner CSS language
  • meteor-base 1.0.1 Packages that every Meteor app needs
  • mobile-experience 1.0.1 Packages for a great mobile user experience
  • momentjs:moment 2.10.6 Moment.js (official): parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates - official - Meteor packaging
  • mongo 1.1.2 Adaptor for using MongoDB and Minimongo over DDP
  • natestrauser:animate-css 3.4.0 Animate.css packaged for meteor
  • percolate:synced-cron 1.3.0 Allows you to define and run scheduled jobs across multiple servers.
  • session 1.1.1 Session variable
  • standard-minifiers 1.0.1 Standard minifiers used with Meteor apps by default.
  • tracker 1.0.9 Dependency tracker to allow reactive callbacks
  • useraccounts:bootstrap 1.12.4 Accounts Templates styled for Twitter Bootstrap.
  • useraccounts:core 1.12.4 Meteor sign up and sign in templates core package.
  • useraccounts:iron-routing 1.12.4 UserAccounts package providing routes configuration capability via iron:router.
  • utilities:avatar 0.9.2 Consolidated user avatar template (twitter, facebook, gravatar, etc.)

Challenges I ran into

Getting the timing scripts to work correctly with the message and room removal.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having a pretty polished product.

What I learned

Some cron stuff

What's next for Smokeroom

Apps for all platforms!

Built With

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