Every year, hundreds of American victims fall prey to one of the most dangerous devices that "Big Fire" companies have pushed into every household: the Smoke Detector. These silent killers operate through Americuim, a dangerous radioactive compound that can cause cancer, radiation sickness, and more.

Due to the "set and forget" nature of the smoke detector, many families don't even realise that such a device is in their home! We decided to develop an affordable means to find and eliminate any smoke detectors in your home: the Smoke Detector Detector (SDD)

What it does

The SDD sets a fire in order to trigger any nearby smoke detectors, using a variety of high level and powerful, but affordable machinery.

How we built it

We punched a hole in a Tim Horton's cup. Then, we hot glued matches onto a motor, and coated the inside of the cup with flammable material. Finally, we stuck a bunch of paper in the bottom of the cup.

Challenges we ran into

Trying not to look like arsonists while testing

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Burning all of my MATH 145 notes.

What we learned

Napkins don't smoke very much. Also, it's best to have someone with a pack of cigarettes, so you can explain why your table smells like smoke.

What's next for Smoke Detector Detector

Hopefully nothing.

Built With

  • matches
  • math-145-notes-on-rings-and-fields
  • motor
  • tim-hortons-coffee-cup
+ 4 more
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