We're interested in the future of biometrics and passwords. Typing passwords constantly can be a pain in the busy lives of people today. Furthermore, one team member's family recently had an encounter with identity theft.

What it does

Smilin stores reference photos and text usernames. It compares stored data to login attempts that consist of a current photo and a spoken username.

How I built it

We used web development technologies in conjunction with Python and many available open source tools in order to create this security tool.

Challenges I ran into

Compatibility issues between technologies such as Azure and OpenCV created major roadblocks for the development of Smilin.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

We learned more about web development and the difficulties of integrating API's into software development.

What's next for Smilin

Using Smilin as an API for login to other websites is a logical next step.

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